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Now is the time. Our Future Our People, Our Planet. This year is a moment where the world comes together. September to December holds a critical moment for the globe as a whole; climate change, to sustainable development onward including the anniversary of the 75th year to celebrate Human Rights.



We believe that climate change is real and action must be taken now. Our team is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the adoption of environmentally friendly practices to combat climate change.

We work towards creating a sustainable future for all. Our projects aim to promote sustainable development through community engagement and education.



We stand for human rights and work to promote them through campaigns and advocacy. Our team is dedicated to fighting against discrimination and injustice in all forms.

We believe in the power of nonviolent action. Our campaigns and advocacy efforts are based on peaceful resistance and civil disobedience, which have proven to be effective tools for social change.



We believe that change starts from within the community. Our projects aim to engage and empower local communities to take action towards a better future. We also provide educational resources to raise awareness and encourage people to join our cause.

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